Monday, January 25, 2016

Ups and Downs

Life has been interesting - lots of ups and downs and too much work. I'm back on track now and plowing through both the adminstrivia that's required to get a big event off the ground and have also picked up the pieces of the work in the studio. There's some evidence posted on the other blog. I have the 'safe' work out of my system and am definitely ready to move toward the weird.

I have a pattern drafted for a large vessel. I am going to go ahead and test it without developing the meaning. Right now it is more important to see it done and know whether the construction works than creating something interesting to look at.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


At 7:15 this morning I was working upstairs and, as I reached for a needle, I accidentally knocked a bobbin off the table. It rolled under the table where it would be difficult to retrieve. For a moment I thought about leaving it there. But then my commitment to cleaning up as I go kicked in so I got down on my hands and knees and retrieved it. I then gave myself another pat on the back.

Something else interesting happened in working on one of my Inspired by CFT pieces. I'll wait and tell the story on that blog but it points to more fun, less angst in the future.

Friday, January 1, 2016

In my dreams

George and I are talking about building a home - a place that fits the way we live and which will allow us to stay at home as long as we can as we age. There will be a small central core - big enough for a great room and kitchen and a bedroom/bath. The rest of the house will be set up to accommodate our interests. There will be a large 'clean' wing for his office and studio and storage space for me, and a 'dirty' wing for our metal workshop, bike repair and storage. Somewhere in there we'll fit in a space which will triple as bike wash, dog wash and dyeing space for me. And we will build in an apartment for a dog, and then person, caretaker.

We are still in the "I wish" stages - before we find out how much our dreams will cost. Today I decided that I want enough space so I can leave photography gear set up. It is such a pain to get out the lights and the tripod and get everything lined up and level just to take one or two pictures. My dreams might never come true, though, so I am determined to keep hauling everything out over and over again on the theory that repetition and practice will reduce the time involved and improve the quality of the final photos.