Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gift from my FAB friends

When I was in hospital Kate, a member of my FAB group, visited to bring me a very special gift. All of the group had conspired and cooperated to create a fabric book. Each member made a page to encourage and entertain me. Kate then assembled the pieces into the book. This gift meant everything to me. I was stunned by the time and effort that everyone put into the project and by the thought that went into making the artwork relate to what they know of me.

I will share all of the pieces with you over the next few days. My apologies for the photography. It does not do justice to the artwork but I wanted to get it done and did not have time to set up my lights and tripod.

Book constructed by Kate Madeloso
Dawna DeAdder

Karen Henry

Regina Marzlin

Susan Tilsley Manley

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