Thursday, October 23, 2014

Which comes first - What or Why?

I first watched Simon Sinek's TED talk in 2010, not long after it was released. I think there is real merit in his message, although I am skeptical about his references to biology and anatomy.

Recently someone with whom I work asked me to watch the video. She is using it to revamp her approach to her business and marketing plans. I think she is on the right track in her adoption of his ideas.

But it also caused me to think about how I make art. I think I start with the 'why' but I stray from that approach every time I get lured into trying a new technique or consider entering another themed show. I need to find a way to preserve the emphasis on 'why'. For the time being, I have put up a sign on my design wall to remind me of the hierarchy. I may also start to journal more about each piece. I did that in one of Lisa Call's classes and found it helpful but have gotten out of the habit.

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