Friday, June 5, 2015

More numbers

I am heading to Antigonish later today for the opening of our SAQA region's second juried show. The theme is Structures. As the regional rep, I have had the privilege of seeing images of all of the selected quilts. It is a good show and better than our last in 2012. Ultimately that's what we want to see - improvement over time. I will deliver some remarks at the opening and will be proud to highlight a few of the artworks which were nominated by the juror for special attention.

After the opening I will post images of my pieces which are in the show. I consistently work to avoid 'pretty' in my work and I definitely succeeded this time. I was honestly surprised to learn that my entries had been juried in. It will be interesting to see them hanging in the context of all of the other pieces.

At home, the strips were transformed through washing and drying.

Then they were cut into 90 5.5 inch squares.

Also, 36 blue squares, 24 dark green, 24 light green, 6 yellow and 12 red.

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