Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Best tool ever

A couple of months ago I watched a good video by Pat Pauly about designing abstract art quilts. Although the title only described the design process I got more out of her practical tips on construction. Among other things she showed how she uses a 48 inch drywall square. 

I purchased a square today and put it to use almost immediately. It shaved (pun intended) an hour and all the angst out of squaring up the big piece I am finishing. The final step was then to cut some really long strips (using pattern pieces) out of the stitched and shrunk upholstery fabric and felt sandwich that I made last week.  It worked fantastically as a straight edge for that as well. 

It's a little thing but I am certain I will now stick to big (and bigger) work now that I can handle the last stages so easily.

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