Saturday, November 28, 2015


The two art quilts are done. I will clean off all the loose threads and do the photography tomorrow. Then it will be time to clean the studio. I have lots of ideas for more in a series related to one of them. I think I might make a twelve inch square piece for a donation to the SAQA auction next year. I will need to dye some old plaid shirts I got at Frenchy's but I will be able to do that in plastic bags because I won't need big pieces of fabric.

I need to move most of my energy to another project. I had the original idea and now it is up to me to execute it, with the help of a great Steering Committee and a lot of volunteers. Here is how it is described in the one page I wrote to give to people who want more information before we get the website done.

Close to Home
The Tour of Hammonds Plains

Close To Home: The Tour of Hammonds Plains is a community based event which will highlight the opportunities for road cycling in the area of the Hammonds Plains Rd. and surrounding subdivisions.  25, 50 and 100 km routes will start at the St. Margaret’s Centre and wind through secondary roads. The shortest route will use the roads closest to the Centre while the others will also utilize the new bike lanes on Hammonds Plains Rd. The longest route was designed with serious cyclists in mind and includes almost 1100 metres of climbing.

The event has been developed with the goal of:
  • showcasing the road cycling opportunities within the community 
  • increasing the confidence of local riders which may result in more use of  bicycles for active transportation
  • engaging families and children
  • promoting safe and responsible cycling
  • creating a more positive relationship between motorists and cyclists on local roads
To meet these goals, the Steering Committee is committed to producing an exceptionally well-organized and safe event which engages many people in the community.

The event will be complemented throughout the preceding summer by educational material distributed to residents through social media and by using the networks of established neighborhood associations. In addition, CAN-BIKE and Making Tracks courses will be offered through the Centre. As an adjunct, informal neighborhood rides dubbed ‘Ride Local’ will be led by volunteers on summer evenings and weekends. These will provide additional opportunities for education and will help residents to gain confidence in their cycling skills.

We hope to obtain support from local businesses as well as larger corporate entities for a project which will celebrate both the individual participants and the community and its infrastructure. The emphasis on active living, and cycling specifically, it is a good fit for many who offer services to local families.

The 2016 Close To Home ride will take place on Sunday, September 18. It is anticipated that this will become an annual event. 

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