Friday, November 13, 2015

Cat Meets Dog

Tomorrow is my birthday. For the last four decades it has been an unremarkable day. My husband's family doesn't do celebration so the day is usually marked by a card and a gift from my mother. At home there are no cards or gifts or cake or special dinner. A few years ago a friend and I started taking one another out for a birthday dinner. It is nice to anticipate the event and get dressed up for a night out.

Birthdays seem much more important since cancer entered my life. So I have decided to create a new tradition. I will treat myself to some activity on my birthday. This year that gift is a four day trip to see friends in eastern Massachusetts. That's where I grew up so everything is familiar - the trees and buildings, the light and the air. The friends I am visiting started as clients but have become very dear to me. I am staying in two very different but equally enjoyable households. There will be lots of food and dog walks and a class or two. Tomorrow night I get to meet some young and enthusiastic dog trainers.

Today's activities are all about a new puppy, Bodhi. He is an Australian Shepherd who got to keep his tail. He is eleven thousand kinds of cute and very grown up for his 16 weeks.


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  1. Happy Birthday Chris- I think Birthdays need to be celebrated if in just a tiny way. My best friend and I try to make a whole day of a road trip, shopping and lunch. Our Birthdays are in May and sometimes we don't get out till Nov but it is a great way to make memories. One trip I Iearnt that a GPS is not always great to have on the back roads of New Brunswick. It was a good thing it was a sunny day. :)