Monday, October 17, 2016

High points

While there have admittedly been some low points over the last year or so, there have also been moments of joy and wonder. Here's a list off the top of my head.


I am a heat-seeker and this summer was the best ever for me in Nova Scotia. We had days and days of sun and the temperatures were above normal for much of the time. The Annapolis Valley is even warmer than the Atlantic coast and we spent a lot of weekends there. Unfortunately, the sun meant no rain and many people suffered as a consequence. That's why I'd rather live in a rain forest.


I am at heart a coach and there is nothing I love more than to walk someone through an activity that they thought they couldn't do. Our new home base in the Valley lends itself to shortish bike rides (40-50 km) with a lunch break. These are perfect for introducing people to cycling on the road. The terrain is pretty flat and there isn't a lot of traffic. On several occasions this summer I got to take individuals on a loop which ended up being personal bests for each of them. Here's a photo of just one of those people - surprised by and proud of her achievement.

If you frequent the Valley check out Baked Inn Bakery and Eatery in Centreville. Good food and idiosyncratic owners which make it a fun experience all around.

Friends with dogs

Years ago I met a woman in a workshop series that I was teaching in Massachusetts. It turned out that her father's family was originally from Nova Scotia. Fast forward a lot of years and I have had a chance to visit with her regularly on her annual trips to the province. This year Tock (youngest Beardie) and I had a magical day on the beach in Harbourville with her two Golden Retrievers. It was Tock's first time on a long long rocky beach with all the smells and detritus. One of the Goldens, who has a history of difficult interactions with new dogs, was perfectly behaved. The day ended with all of the dogs sharing bones as we ate a lunch made with noodles from The Noodle Guy in Port Williams. His shop has become a regular stop on trips to and from Berwick - it is easy to make a great dinner by throwing together a sauce for his fantastic noodles.

BTW, it was on this trip that the lightning bolt hit me and I realized that we needed to live in Berwick. That evening I identified the lot which we eventually purchased.


I was appointed to the SAQA Board of Directors earlier this year. It has been a lot of work but I am really enjoying the experience. It is fun to work with a group of very talented people who are so committed to a single goal and who take their responsibilities very seriously. 

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