Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Cat Came Back

In case the title alone didn't generate an ear worm, take a look at this. It is an updated version by a revered Canadian children's performer Fred Penner.

There has been a lot of galloping since the last post here on the blog. Some details may trickle out over the next few months but suffice to say that it involved deaths of family members, ailing friends, lots of time doing community activities and a new commitment to SAQA.

There have been major developments and I can draw a line between them and my un-reported activities over the last few months. My husband and I have bought a lot in Berwick, NS.

Here's the driveway entrance - it will run up between the two lines of trees to a private 1.5 acre space behind.

On the satellite view we own all of the green space on the left plus out into the tree lines at the edges. That weird line of stuff toward the left of our lot is a a group of blueberry bushes. We will be removing those this fall and giving them to those who want them. The green space across the road is a farm which will not be developed.

It is a three minute bike ride to grocery stores and a ten minute walk home from one of Nova Scotia's best live music venues. Cycling in the area (Annapolis Valley) is terrific and we spent a lot of the summer mapping some of our favourite routes.

We are building a house. It will arrive as separate units four months after we sign the contract - no agonizing over the weather or conflicts between subcontractors. Here is the first plan we gave the architect (without links between modules drawn in). Things aren't exactly to scale yet nor do they represent final dimensions. It will all be on one level, wheelchair accessible everywhere, lots of light but much of it coming from above. There will be a complete detached guest house (not shown) and a two car garage. The guest house will serve as rooms for friends now and eventually our nanny will live there when we need extra care.

I'm not sure our architect knows what to make of us. We have already asked him to change the name of the project on the theory that language matters and we thought the title he was using would limit him as he thought about the things we are requesting. All I can say is - it will be over for him, and us, in under a year.

There has been art-making and I have lots of pictures saved up to share. Here is a closeup (in progress) of my contribution to the SAQA trunk show.


  1. Congrats Chris on finding a great property & house design to suit your needs!

  2. Wishing a successful build! It is a lovely area and close to wineries! Used to live in Wolfville and ,over the Annapolis Valley. All the best. Gtreat colours chosen for the trunk show piece.