Monday, May 26, 2014

A different scale

As I continue to work on art quilts that will be six feet long I have been thinking about work on another scale entirely. Two large works of art have haunted me since I saw the first references to them.

The first is the planned memorial to those who died in the massacre in Norway on July 22, 2011.  'Memory  Wound' is a thoughtful and moving statement about the effect of the deaths on the families of the victims and the entire country.

The other is the Kelpies, a public art project by sculptor Andy Scott. Two horses' heads appear to emerge from the canals near Falkirk, Scotland. They stand 30 meters tall and are clad in stainless steel. Check out all of the links to learn more about the sculptor's process. I am dumbfounded by how anyone can think on that scale. I understand how they were manufactured based on smaller models. It's the vision to see and know that it will work when large that most impresses me.

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