Saturday, May 31, 2014

Just do it

My cat has the first layer of spots and I contemplated another layer - camouflage for the camouflage - but then I realized that I was just adding it because it would seem too simple to others. But that's the point of this piece! It is about the apparent lack of depth and sophistication in a performing 'cat'. 

That said, and even though I know this is more about concept and construction than design,  I am starting to fuss. No matter how many times I get to this point it is always the same. I hate it whatever I am working on. The temptation to stop is overwhelming and too often I succumb. But not this time which must be a measure of how strongly I feel about this subject. It might also be a by-product of knowing that this is a series; I can always do a better job on the next one.

I have figured out how I want to add muscles to the cat in such a way that they are clearly differentiated but I know I will stall while doing that work. So I will alternate it with creating a complex but drab coat for the second cat.

For those readers who are unaccustomed to looking at pieces before quilting - they are larger and coarser than the final product will be. Stitching will create shrinkage. The final outline, which has more detail in the legs in particular, has been drafted onto the back of the piece and I will cut along those lines near the end. Also - that's a placeholder for the actual eye.

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