Saturday, May 24, 2014

Maybe a little good

Recipe report: The best asparagus ever.  I used fewer sesame seeds and dropped the temperature to 400 F to ensure that the garlic didn't burn before the asparagus was cooked.

I don't get much sewing done on weekends. They are usually consumed by teaching and coaching. Today I only taught a one hour indoor cycling class, down from two now that the weather has improved. But in the afternoon I went out again to set up a table at the St. Margaret's Centre so I could talk to people about cycling safety. I brought my bike, helmet and high visibility clothing and the Centre made copies of my handouts about helmet fit and bike checks. The main point of the day was to show people where they should put their bikes when on the road. I used my CAN-BIKE laminated "roads" and small toy cars to engage the kids (and dads).

If I was able to answer just one question today that might save a life then my afternoon was well spent. A cyclist died in Dartmouth on Thursday afternoon. We don't know the details but it looks likely that she may have snuck up on the inside of the truck that hit her. If that's the case she was extremely vulnerable - the truck couldn't see her and she couldn't tell that the truck intended to turn right across her path.

If you cycle, please remember to be seen and be predictable. When you have any doubts about where to be on the road, put your bike where you would put your car.


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