Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gift (2)

More than a year ago my friend Susan Tilsley Manley proposed that we barter - I would provide some coaching with respect to her website and business and she would interpret a photo that I had shared with her. The photo showed my mother and Shelby, my pet porcupine. The story about why I had a pet porcupine can wait for another day. It is enough that the photo is precious to me.

I agreed to Susan's proposal even though I would have gladly helped her without compensation of any sort. Then our lives took various turns, with deadlines and family illness and finally my cancer diagnosis. We never found a time to get together to do the work we needed to do.

At the Anna Torma workshop Susan thrust something into my hands and suggested that I knew what it was. I didn't, in fact. But when I unwrapped it here is what I found.

It hadn't occurred to me that Susan would work on her half of the exchange. I am familiar with the pressures she faces in caring for her family, volunteering in her community and keeping her art business going. There really wasn't time for another project. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that she took the time to work on this for me. The true gift, though, is a friendship beyond value.

Susan - get ready.  We are going to go to work very soon!

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  1. What a wonderful piece! I keep coming back to this post to see it again and again and each time I see something new.