Monday, April 13, 2015


This is my 200th post and there's lots to celebrate. Spring seems to have finally arrived, the SAQA retreat I helped organize and at which I had to do a lot of speaking is over and was well-received, both of my pieces for the our regional SAQA show are done (save for the photography) and my brain is buzzing with lots of new ideas so there will be no down time before I get to work again. Best of all, I was away for the weekend for the first time since my surgery and I gave it almost no thought at all. I am basically back to my normal. That bodes well for the trips I have planned for this summer.

To mark all of the good stuff, I want to offer one of the few loyal readers with a special gift. Anyone who leaves a comment on the blog between April 13 - April 18, 2015 will be eligible to receive a handknit scarf or shawlette. You will get some input into both yarn and pattern. If you don't wear scarves you must know someone who does. I will make a draw from the names of commenters on April 19 (the real Patriots Day for those of you from the Northeast US).

Edited to add: Draw for knitted gift is closed. Judith was the lucky winner.

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  1. Congrats Chris ... in spite of all the problems of this past year, you looked good and you did well at the retreat. And to have come home from a busy weekend and get the Structure pieces done ... I am impressed! Good luck in your role with the SAQA board ... positive changes will continue to come to Atlantic Canada!!