Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I made a very odd piece for FAB's Provocative show which I called Trapped: Paradise or Prison. It is about my experience of being an immigrant to Nova Scotia. (I don't have a good photograph but will try to get one now that I understand more about the issues as a result of a workshop at our recent SAQA retreat.) When SAQA recently announced an all-Canada show called My Corner of the World - Canada, I immediately thought of that piece. Unfortunately I can't enter it because it is three dimensional - I constructed a lobster trap over the surface.

I know that I want to explore the same emotions and thoughts and want the message to be a little less vague. So I have been playing with the concept of 'come from away' and today I found words that will work in the layout I have planned. They include clannish, welcoming, insular and warm. I like the general concept. Now I just have to figure out a way to make it work visually.

I have an idea for a second piece which is quite different. It strays from my tendency to use straight lines and little layering. I will have to keep sketching and thinking about that one for awhile.

Photo: K. Madeloso

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