Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lists on my desk

I am a list maker. I don't think I could ever manage the variety of tasks I need to do every day without my lists.

Here's a taste of the lists on my desk today.


Shredded Wheat
sesame seeds
poblano peppers
cottage cheese
cheap cheddar

SAQA retreat admin:

show and tell assignments
menu confirmation
list of general/emergency stuff we might need

SAQA retreat talks:

review website
slides for Google talk - check on history
talking points for pm
talking points for Sunday

Indoor cycling:

figure out what Leslie will teach on 11th
plan for next week
lecture for next week

Ivory Tower:

Photo 51
Jetset the organza
colour the paper dolls - his feet?
dress the dolls
tube for DNA



I routinely finish lists and am happy to savour the accomplishment and trash the list. Here's one of my favourite recent achievements. It has gone to its new home with my mother who has named it Hieronymus. This is a fantastic pattern. I recommend it to anyone with basic crochet skills. It would make a great baby gift with the eyes swapped out for felt.

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