Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Behaviour change, part two

It seems to make a lot of sense at the end of the work day to leave out the tools and other materials that I will use the next time I return to the studio. After all, it took a finite amount of time to get those things out. Why spend the time to put them away when they might be needed just a few hours later.

I have discovered that I am much more motivated to return to work on a project when the decks are clear - no tools, no loose pins, no bits of thread, fabric stacked back where I found it. So I am going to tidy at the end of each day. It won't be an afterthought - it will actually count against working time. I think this will be an easy habit to form. There is the proximate reinforcement of returning things to their places and then there will be the ultimate satisfaction of starting anew in a neat work space.

Time = 1 hr, 25 mins   (not bad for a day of five indoor cycling classes)

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