Friday, December 26, 2014

Captured gifts

I have been busy making gifts. So busy that I didn't photograph most of them. A knitted cowl and a pair of bright socks got away without a picture. So did some silk/rayon devore scarves that I dyed. And a journal cover.

Here are a couple of things I did manage to capture. First an alpaca/silk scarf for one of my surgeons.

A journal cover for a friend. The appliqued bits were a challenge. I had visions of printing with bike tires but that turned out to be remarkably difficult. I had to let out a lot of air and then put all my weight into the tire to get a wide enough impression. It is scary to realize just how little tire actually touches the road when we are riding. In the end I only got one piece I liked so I supplemented with a rubber stamp with a zigzag pattern.


  1. Hi Chris, you might want to try a rubbing with paintstiks next time. I did that once with my car tires and it was very easy to do. That way you get a wider print and there is no need to let the air out. Nice gifts! Regina

    1. Thanks, Regina. I considered paintstiks but George wasn't keen on having them on his tire (the only one in the house with aggressive enough tread). He was happiest that I use acrylic paint which would wash right off. I don't know if the paintstiks would have solved the biggest problem, though. Very little bike tire actually touches the road so I wasn't getting an image that was recognizable as a tire track.