Friday, June 6, 2014

Dogs live here

Four dogs live here - two Bearded Collies and two Cairn Terriers. We have had as many as eight dogs at a time and that's too many. Four seems just right. There is a range of ages and play styles so each dog can get what it needs from the others. We truly enjoy watching the interactions, especially when we add a puppy to the bunch.

It is practically impossible to get video footage of Gage (5 years) and Tock (6 months) at play but here is a short segment. Gage has always self-entertained by dragging toys on a rope. He often wedges the rope in a crack to create his own game of tug of war. In this video he is playing with the feeling of resistance created by the back steps. Tock now has his own set of toys to drag. He learned to play from Gage - we didn't intervene except to provide the toys since Gage will not share his favourite string.

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