Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Women at work

Last night I taught a clinic to beginning cyclists to review a few basic skills for riding on the road and to teach flat repair. I offer these clinics at no cost to assist people, mainly women, who want to develop the confidence to ride independently. It was a lovely summer evening - perfect for puttering about on bikes. But what made it most fun for me was the attitude of the women who attended. They wanted to know what I wanted to teach. They were attentive while I talked and demonstrated and then were able to put into practice what I had described. They carried out repetitions willingly and improved each time. I believed them when they said they would go home and practice on their own.

During the flat repair instruction they weren't afraid of getting their hands dirty. I find that many people become very tentative when it is time to practice the skills that I show them. Not these ladies. I could hear them repeating the steps out loud while they worked carefully but without fear. As a result we completed that portion of the clinic more quickly than ever before.

This morning I will have surgery for my cancer. I hope my doctor and the nurses who will be by her side have the same attitude to learning and doing as the women with whom I worked last night.

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