Friday, June 27, 2014

Oooh, shiny

I received a beautiful flower arrangement two weeks ago. Yesterday I dismantled it and saved the orchids which are still going strong. There was a collection of red and clear objects in the bottom of the  clear glass vase. I assumed that they were the standard glass pebbles. When I poured out the water it turned out that the items are acrylic and are a unique conical shape with facets on some of the planes. There are three sizes and three colours.

Who knows why but as soon as I handled them I wanted to sew them to something. The problem is that right now I don't really want to do anything as involved as drilling. I need to find a way to entrap them in something. I can see this piece in my mind but don't want it to distract me from the cats and community pieces. What to do?

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