Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tina Mammoser

Brightlingsea  by Tina Mammoser
acrylic on canvas    70 cm x60 cm

I first learned about Tina Mammoser when Lisa Call featured her in one of her newsletters.  Tina is an American painter who has resided in England for many years. She was originally trained in geology and physics but is now a full time artist. Her work is primarily focused on coastlines and water which she conjures in fabulously rich abstract paintings and in pencil drawings. I love the fact that she allows her early training to affect her painting in ways that matter to her. In this blog post she discusses some basic geology and how it is revealed in her recent paintings.

A few years ago I treated myself to a small 5" x 5" painting by Tina. It sits in my office and l look at it every day. I am fascinated by how much I see when there is really nothing there.

I am on Tina's email list and occasionally receive updates about her activities. This week she highlighted the fact that she is now selling prints of her work. I immediately clicked on the link. Even on the small screen of the iPad the essential nature of the original paintings shines through. The improvements in printing and paper technology appear to have made owning a print or a stretched canvas a very close second to the real thing, excepting the magnificent scale of her larger work. I plan to spend some time drooling over the website and thinking about who needs a gift in the next few months.

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