Sunday, December 13, 2015

Brassica recipes

We belong to a year-round CSA. During the spring, summer and fall we get lots of fresh out of the field veggies and fruit. But when winter rolls around we get lots of things that can handle colder weather and/or store well. That means lots of winter squash and apples and even more members of the cabbage family (Brassicas): Brussels sprouts, cabbage (three or four kinds), kohlrabi, and kale. This year I am determined to use all of the cabbage relatives in new ways. So far this week we have had three dishes. First was an Indian version of coleslaw with red cabbage, jalapeƱos and mustard seeds. It was pretty good but not as tasty as the other two things I tried.

Next up was kohlrabi apple slaw. This was terrific. Later I learned that the kohlrabi might be sweeter this year because it stayed in the fields until the weather was very chilly.

Tonight we had smoky creamed kale. I didn't have any smoked paprika so I used part chipotle chile powder and part paprika. The smoky flavour along with the mustard was a nice change from my usual approach to kale.

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