Thursday, December 10, 2015

Getting ready

My brain is buzzing. In a few weeks I get to start work with a mentor. I have been thinking about taking this step for some time. Frankly, I serve as a mentor to many people and see and admire their growth as a result of our interactions. It occurred to me that I owed myself the same experience. So I wrote to someone whose work and attitudes I admire and asked if she would work with me. I chose her because she doesn't seem to recognize any rules other than those of compositon and design and seems to have eclectic interests. I haven't met her except through her blog but we have a lot of basics in common - childhood spent in upstate New York and long-time residence a few towns away from one another in Massachusetts. It feels like that will help us in the inevitable event that communication gets a little difficult.

We were supposed to start work last summer but life got in the way for both of us. It is just as well. I am more ready now. I will spend the next week or so clearly defining what I hope to achieve with her help. Most of it became clear to me last night and I am thrilled. I see a productive year of growth ahead.


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