Monday, December 28, 2015

Decks are cleared

I have spent the last few days getting ready for my new year. It will be a busy time and I wanted to start it with clean spaces and a clear mind. So I have deep cleaned my studio space - sorted the pins and thread and interfacing and restacked all of the fabric -  and have developed a plan to deal with all the other rooms. The plan involves 15 minute blocks of work with specified tasks for each block. It is working so far and I find myself wanting to work beyond the allotted time. But I don't - too much of anything turns out to be a bad idea.

I have also purchased a couple of planners to help me stay on track during the year. The world of planners has changed dramatically since I was in the business world. There are lots of choices and many of them have been created by indie designers. I finally settled on the Simplified Planner for my personal life, medical appointments, SAQA business and Close to Home organization. I liked the Simplified Planner because it gives me many things that I want without distracting extras. I like that there is a two page month-at-a-glance spread at the beginning of each section and that there is a page allocated to each day. The day pages contains a column for appointments and a column which is a checkable to-do list. The Day Designer is similar but it's very difficult to obtain in Canada

I decided on the Get to Work Book for my artwork and my interactions with my mentor. It is designed around the concept that you have projects to complete and there are lots of ways to record progress toward your goals.

All of this planning to plan takes a certain outlook - a belief in new starts and confidence that I have what it takes. As I prepare my annual inspirational indoor cycling class for January 2 I have decided to include this song. It seems to fit my thinking of the last week.

Rich Aucoin is a Nova Scotian artist. Look up his other music - he is really good. And ignore the images in the video - I don't have a clue what they mean.

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