Friday, December 25, 2015

Some things never change

Christmas Day is much like most others around here. With no local family we don't make a fuss and don't exchange gifts. A wonderful friend takes us in for dinner and games and make us feel like family. So I have a little work to do to prepare appetizers and a dessert.


The only real sign that it is Christmas is this baking sheet (one of two) of sour cream twists. My mother made them once a year on Christmas Eve and we had them for breakfast on Christmas morning. Since my surgery I can't eat yeast-raised breads so I seriously considered not making them this year. But mid-afternoon yesterday I was drawn to the kitchen to prepare the dough which has to rest in the fridge for several hours. Last night I rolled them out and baked them. The flood of memories and the sense of carrying on a tradition was worth the effort even though I won't eat a bite.


Recipe available if you leave a comment.




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