Friday, December 18, 2015

Busiest year

On my drive home from work at 9:00 pm last night I was reflecting on the changes since December last year. At that time I was still very much in the recovery phase from surgery for bladder cancer. But I was preparing for a large open house to celebrate the season and thank all of the people who had supported me and George through the previous months. At the time I thought I was pretty strong but I would never have imagined where I would be a year later.

Now my life looks like this:

  • teaching ten indoor cycling classes per week, to the largest groups ever
  • looking forward to a two hour cycling class on Sundays in the New Year, which filled earlier this year than in the past 
  • chairing the Steering Committee and acting as only staff person for a new cycling event which has already created a lot of buzz
  • as of yesterday, I have learned that I was elected to the SAQA Board for three years
  • continuing to serve as a regional rep for SAQA until I can identify a replacement and bring her up to speed
  • working with a mentor on my own artwork, based on a written plan which feels 'just right' to me
  • looking forward to a ten day trip to southern Spain for some mid-winter cycling in the sun and dry air 
  • continuing to attend four yoga classes, one Pilates and one body rolling class per week  
  • continuing to provide support to friends and family members as they face their own challenges

Somewhere in there I will fit in trips to Maine for family business, Philadelphia for the SAQA conference and Toronto for the opening of a SAQA show.

Instead of finding the schedule daunting I am looking forward to it and do not have any doubts about my ability to cope. I'll never know for sure but it feels as though my available energy has increased over its pre-surgery levels. I don't know if that is actually the case or whether I have renewed focus which helps me power through.

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