Friday, December 11, 2015

The little things

Some days are made better by the little things. Today was one of those. The morning and afternoon were devoted to errands. First up was a trip to see what was wrong with the sewing machine that locked up a couple of weeks ago. I had to drive an hour to the repair shop so I made an appointment that would let me stay if it was something easy to fix. I wasn't optimistic, though. It turned out that a bearing needed oil and the service, including cleaning and lubrication, was done in an hour and offered to me at no charge. While I waited I talked with the owner of the shop and serendipitously I learned that Janome now makes a free motion foot for couching. Why didn't I know about that a month ago? So I left the shop with three new feet, feeling good that I had spent some money given their generousity over the service.

On the way home I decided to stop for lunch so I wouldn't be grumpy during my other errands. I was in a part of town I don't know so I took a chance on a sushi place. Not only was the food good and plentiful but as I was paying I was offered a 10% discount for using cash.

Then it was off to the hospital where I have my CT scans done. I had to pick up the contrast fluid for a scan next month. Better to get it today while the roads are good then have to head out for it in a few weeks. The women in the diagnostic imaging unit was so organized that she just handed me the bag and my stay was so short that I didn't have to pay for parking.

Then I headed to the fabric store to pick up some cord for a Christmas gift I am making. I strolled through the discount drapery and upholstery fabric section and found some even better fabric for the project - for $10.

My trip ended at the pharmacy where they had a new (male) pharmacy assistant. He was much more efficient than any of the previous people in his position.

I am having lunch with a friend on Sunday and want to bring her a small gift. Thank goodness for silk/rayon devore scarves and the dyes which allow me to dye the silk one colour and the rayon another. While I was washing dishes I created a scarf in my friend's preferred colours. It will be beautiful but it will have cost me almost no time or expense.

All little things but they added up to a good day.

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