Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What a good girl am I

Two days in and I am putting away everything I take out. I teach about behaviour change so I know it will take many months before that becomes a habit. But I also know that reinforcement will increase the likelihood that a behavior will be repeated. Since there isn't anyone else to provide that reinforcement, I'll pat myself on my back.

I am also pleased that I have completed (and I do mean completed - facings are sewn down, threads removed, photograph done) the first in a series I will be working on for the next year. I decided to create a blog for that work. Frankly, it will be easier for me to go back there to find out what I have done than it would be to search my own files. I can store photos, technique info and keep a written record of the what and why of my activities.

You can find the blog here. I will post sporadically so if you are interested use the widget in the right sidebar to receive the posts via email.


  1. Thank you for the inspiration! This made me sort through my embroidery thread collection and organize by color! Who knows what's next.

    1. Glad I could inspire you, Jean. Perhaps we should set up a system to reinforce one another! Let me know how I can help.