Friday, July 4, 2014

Life gets in the way

It's easy, in the abstract, to make plans to accomplish certain things in a certain order. But then life gets in the way. Today I intended to get my brown cat cut out and partly stitched. Instead, these consumed my time.

I had to process and freeze twelve quarts of strawberries.

I had to clean up around the outside of the house, tie down anything that might be blown around and make sure that my tomatoes are securely attached to their stakes.

It now appears that we will be on the wind side of Arthur's track but that puts fully-leafed trees in danger. We will probably lose power because of downed trees somewhere. With that in mind I also did lots of laundry, got to the grocery store before the hordes descended and charged all of our important electronics.

If we don't have power tomorrow I won't be able to use my sewing machine so I'll be attaching tiny snaps to the backs of my 'community' squares.

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