Thursday, July 10, 2014

Unfinished business

Last week I was poking around in the spare room looking for a gift for a friend's new puppy. The toy wasn't there (because, for reasons I can't recall, it was on the top shelf of the coat closet) but I did come across several bags with unfinished knitting projects. I will have a lot of sitting around time in the next little while so I think I will work on some finishing. I won't make a commitment to every one - I reserve the right to rip or throw out any that no longer appeal to me.

Here's the first. It is a pattern that appealed to me as soon as I saw it in Interweave Knits. I wanted it to replace a well loved V-neck pullover in blue silk.

My project notes on Ravelry show that I started this in late 2010. It is a complicated pattern because it is knit on the bias and has waist shaping and shaping for inset sleeves. I motored through the front and back and then got a little stumped on the sleeves because I wanted full length rather than the 3/4 sleeves called for in the pattern. I wrote to the designer to ask her how she suggested I make that change. She wrote back on December 3, 2010. I can't really tell whether I followed her advice so I will probably rip out the few inches of the first sleeve and start again.

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