Thursday, July 3, 2014

So Canadian

We came to Canada by accident but stayed by choice. There are lots of factors in our decision to remain in this country. Recently the health care system has been at the top of our list. But there are many other reasons to appreciate this country, its people and their values. For example, I have always liked the way Canadian celebrities move through the world. They are accessible and don't take themselves too seriously. 

This video, which was released for Canada Day, is a good example of the likability of a modern Canadian celebrity. It features Chris Hadfield (with the moustache) who is a retired astronaut. He was the first Canadian to walk in space and most recently commanded the International Space Station. His stay on the ISS was highlighted by the photographs he distributed via Twitter, his accessibility to students and others and his musical performances from space. The best known of those is probably the music video for his cover of David Bowie's Space Oddity. He became a superstar while in space and his profile has remained high in the year since he landed. I am charmed by the unassuming nature of the lyrics and the production values of this video. It is very Canadian that Hadfield's brother take the lead and that Chris Hadfield is not acknowledged in the credits although there is a mention of Bacon the pig.

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