Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My happy place

My second surgery is today. I will be working hard before and after to remain calm. Part of my strategy will involve going to a "happy place." These photos represent one of those places. I took the first in the early morning at the start of my second day riding the route of the Erie Canal in 2013. Upstate New York is the place where I feel the most relaxed and happy. This photo is meaningful because on that trip I had the freedom to see and record anything that struck my fancy.

This photo is of a portion of the facade of a church in Medina, NY. Most of the buildings in town are built from Medina sandstone. It is worth a detour to see them. I took almost the same picture in 2010 so there must be something that draws me to the pattern and texture of the stone and the way in which it has been laid. 

My FAB friends can exhale now that they see that I have posted something monochromatic and grey! All is right with the world.

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