Friday, July 18, 2014

Slowing down

In the last month I have had two surgeries - the last just nine days ago - and I anticipate a huge and complicated procedure within the next few weeks. I am determined to stay as active and healthy as I can between these significant events. I find myself caught between the need to hurry up and accomplish things because I might run out of time to do them and the sense that I should slow down and enjoy every moment.

On Wednesday, just a week after my last procedure, I went for a bike ride. I recruited a friend to accompany me to ensure that I didn't overdo. Today I rode again but this time I was alone. My mantra was 'slow down'. I reviewed all of the truly good physiological reasons to avoid pushing as hard as I could but I knew that wouldn't be enough. So I resolved to stop occasionally and take photos. The shots are only remarkable as evidence that I prevailed in my determination to do what was best for me. I think I found a happy medium - I rode farther in the same amount of time than I did on Wednesday but I also stopped for photos and even sat on a bench overlooking the sea for a while.

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