Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wasted moments

Do you ever find yourself doing nothing and thinking "I should be doing something."? At those times I often pick up my knitting. I like the fact that simple materials and movements can result in complex products. I have recently come across some artists who use other mundane materials and techniques to create amazing work.

Robin Wight sculpts fairies from stainless steel wire. His subject matter doesn't appeal to me but I am fascinated by what he manages to convey with bent wire.

Diana Herrera sculpts lifelike birds from paper.

Still with paper, Rogan Brown makes many cuts to reproduce natural forms.

Back to fibre, Nastasja Duthois uses straight lines of thread to create wonderfully complex images.

These days I am even more aware than ever how little time we all really have. Perhaps it is time to find a way to make even more of the wasted moments in my days.

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