Thursday, January 22, 2015

Back to work

It has been a week of galloping but I have put a lot of responsibilities behind me. I can see the end of one or two others within the week and today is the last day I work with the ringette team. That is another 90 minutes saved every week.

I went back to work on the Ivory Tower piece today. This may not look like much but it is proof of concept and permits me to define the final height of the piece. Two other major steps are dependent on that decision so I am glad to have it done. This also gave me the chance to play with the figures using two different general types and modifying angles etc. I now know what I prefer so that I can draft the final outlines for both the male and female figures. The next step is 'dressing' them and I can use these drafts to play with color and texture.

I did a quick check on colors of Inktense pencils and Neocolor crayons on the Kraft-Tex paper that I will use for the figures. The color never looks the same after water has been applied so it better not to be surprised. I think a combination of two or three of the Neocolor crayons will do the trick for heads, hands and feet.

Time = 2 hr, 43 min

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