Saturday, January 3, 2015

So not me

I had an idea for a second piece for the Structures show. It was based on some enjoyable experiences I had in a class many years ago and was also somewhat influenced by the work of a quilt artist whose work I have only seen on-line. What appealed to me about my idea was that it would let me use colour and that I would be intrigued and entertained by the construction process. I really love piecing and the puzzle of constructing multi-layered pieces with appliqué. As soon as I finished the first sample I knew this was not me. I will finish it in an attempt to make it more mine - principally by getting a lot of physical texture on the surface. But I won't pursue this path. Part of finding out who I am is finding out who I am not.

I went back to the drawing board. I have some ideas about mitochondria with texture in whites and greys. This concept kept me awake last night with thoughts about how to sample to create the effect I have in mind. I will get to play with cording and also some hand stitching. It might also be time to finally do some discharging.

I will also give some thought to other ways in which in I can indulge my love of piecing and my genuine interest in colour. What I really need is a group of open-minded friends who would welcome odd baby quilts.

Time = 2 hr, 17 min

Edited to add:

The sample is now complete and hidden away in the closet with the pile of other unsatisfactory experiment. I learned a lot, though, and got this really neat texture in one place. Photo to follow - camera won't let me download right now.

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