Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blown up

That's how my brain feels this evening. It was a day of struggling with getting ecommerce to work on a friend's website, writing a grant application in a hurry, dealing with a dog whose tummy is not happy for unknown reasons, getting an urgent request for a final draft of something I volunteered to do (didn't know there was going to be a timeline), thinking about my homework for this week, worrying about what I will teach on the Saturday before the Super Bowl and, finally, working a little on the Ivory Tower project.

The neat thing is that I blew up an image of Photo 51 until it was fourteen inches across. It is a grainy image at best but it is still amazing how much more I understand the photo when I see it large. I was able to extract/abstract the important pieces and create patterns for applique.

Time = 49 min

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