Friday, January 9, 2015


A middle-of-the-night brainstorm has sorted out the question about the borders of the mitochondrion quilt. I started to work on it today and immediately realized that I needed to incorporate beads. 

Here is a rough sample of my interpretation of the structure of hemoglobin. I need to find a better way to transfer the pattern to the fabric so the stitch lengths are better. And I just picked up the first three bead colors that came to hand. I actually like the green but the brownish ones (nitrogen) don't work. I think I might choose a larger bead for the centre (Fe - iron),

This pattern will be randomly placed all over the four inch borders and will serve to stabilize that portion of the quilt. I am planning to finish each of the sections independently and then assemble the final piece so this will be easy to carry around to appointments and to do in front of the television with a dog in my lap.

Time = 1 hr, 46 min

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