Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cleaning up

It is now over a week since I committed to cleaning up my work space each time I quit for the day. I have been diligent in doing so. Everything goes back to its place, even if it doesn't seem to be "in the way" in its last location. I have assigned a basket for the bits and pieces (samples, calculations, fabric) of each current project. I return all relevant material to the baskets even when the temptation is leave them spread out so I can see them.

This practice has made a huge difference to my productivity. I start each day in a fresh space and that carries over to my thinking. I am not burdened by the evidence of ideas gone wrong and when I get on a roll no time is lost to looking for the pins or a ruler or a special marking pen. It won't take long for this extremely valuable behaviour to become a habit.

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