Sunday, February 1, 2015

Random things

I was discharged from the Urology clinic on Friday, exactly 21 weeks following my surgery. I am delighted for so many reasons. It is nice to be approximately 19 months ahead on the healing curve. Even better is not having the regular appointments on my calendar. I don't have to worry about the weather or dog care. But the best part is that the appointments made me feel like a patient = a sick person when I felt healthy and normal.

I learned a new word today: venery. It was from this blog post.

I finished knitting a brand new sweater yesterday - pictures when it dries. I swatched for another new project but found myself picking up a UFO today. Clearly finishing is becoming a habit.

The last snowstorm meant that I didn't have to teach a Super Bowl themed indoor cycling class yesterday. That's a very good thing. Tonight is the fourth of the two hour low intensity classes. Four down, eight to go.

I have just hours to go on the document I am writing for the hospital. It will be incorporated into a patient handbook and more extensive education program. 

The website I have been helping with will go live tomorrow. I'll post a link when that happens.

I am keeping up with my homework for the Jane Dunnewold class. 

I still have to do registration forms for the retreat for SAQA-Atlantic Canada. I am excited about the event. I think the program we have designed will have something for everyone.

By Tuesday I can go back to my own work. There's another snowstorm on the way so it's likely my morning classes will be cancelled. Just more time to work on my entries for the regional show.

The Greenland photographs by Murray Fredericks remind me of Tina Mammoser's Coast series, minus the colour.

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