Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Busy days

I'm not ill or off on a sunny vacation. Nope - just very busy. I have accomplished an enormous amount in the last week. I submitted the first draft a patient handbook regarding my surgery. I also developed several new indoor cycling classes and wrote one up for publication on ICA. There has been a lot of SAQA work to do as well, including getting our spring retreat organized. I am happy to report that I am keeping up with the homework in Jane Dunnewold's class. The workload gets a little heavier each week so I don't know how long it will be before I miss a deadline. A couple of weeks ago I started taking an online course with Fenzi Academy. It is very well done but we get new assignments every few days, not once a week. It has been fun to have a reason to work with Tock. He is a very smart dog and I haven't challenged his brain enough.

I have been collecting items that I wanted to share on the blog. This week Jane Dunnewold's essay was about large and/or obsessive work. The next day I stumbled on John Grade's work (open the gallery on the linked page). Wow! It definitely appeals to my interest in repeated elements but he uses them in a different way.

This morning I learned about Teresita Fernandez. I have looked through galleries of her work and don't see anything I don't like. See for yourself. This image is of an installation at the Massachusetts Museum of Modern Art which can be seen through March 2015.

Watch this video.

I came across it on the collection Jane Dunnewold curates (Creative Civilization) on As she said in her notes, you will be reminded to:

1. Do what you love.

2. Keep doing it even if only your dad thinks it's good. And if you dad doesn't think it's good, keep doing it anyway.
3. See possibility.
4. When community embraces you, embrace it back.
5. Use plenty of tape.

There has been a lot more activity around here. My Spoonflower fabric order arrived so I can now start work on the final version of the Ivory Tower piece. I have a sweater to show which has been finished for over a week, as well as a completed UFO and a new knitting project. More tomorrow.

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