Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I now own 25 kg of urea and the follow-up dyeing went well. I got the red I wanted. It is perhaps a hair lighter than I had intended but that will actually work better. The work I will do on huge surface will show better and that's the important player. The red is just a backdrop. No pictures, I'm afraid. I can't capture the color properly. I hope that won't be the case when I set up to take photos for my show entry.

I also mastered the lavender and figured out the grays I want. After I made that decision I had to change another aspect of Mitochondrion but that's for the better. Once again I am grateful for my collection of odd drapery and upholstery fabrics. I was able to change a concept from gray to brown and still find what I needed. I am resisting the urge to go see if there is something better in the stores but the weather and state of the roads makes that easy. So does the knowledge that the exact fabrics won't matter once I have manipulated them.

I started the final version of the Mitochondrion piece today. It feels good to know that I have worked out all the problems. Within a day or two my evening knitting will have to give way to hand stitching. I can see the end of the road for the two pieces for the SAQA show and that's good because my brain is overflowing with ideas. The Jane Dunnewold course hasn't contained a lot of new-to-me information but this has been the perfect time for me to sit down and do some self-assessment. It is helping me clarify my goals for the next three to five years and, better yet, understand how I will achieve them.

Time = 2 hr, 34 min

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