Monday, February 16, 2015

Colour matters

I have done as much dyeing as my supplies permitted. I stupidly ran out of urea. I could go on without it but then it would be more difficult to reproduce my results. And that's a challenge already. I wanted to re-create some red fabric I dyed two summers ago. But I can't find my notes and so far I am not happy with my experiments. The good news is that I have something shocking in mind for the not-quite-right fabric. I am going to manipulate it and overdye it. It certainly won't go in any of the Structures projects but it could find its way into another idea I have had.

They experiments with grays worked better and I know what direction I am going to take with them. This afternoon I decided that I also need two metres of a grayed lavender. Now to figure out how to make what I have in mind. Serendipity is good but not when you have a very clear mental picture of what you need.

It is times like these that make me think that I need to follow up and figure out a way to bring Carol Soderlund to the Maritimes. The product of her entry level five day dyeing class is a workbook with samples and recipes for hundreds of colours.


  1. You bring Carol and I will be there!! And convince Jane D to come, too, will you?

    1. I plan to call her. I spoke with her about five years ago and she was willing. She is a sailor so the coast interests her. We could do it at the Mahone Bay Centre. Do you have any ideas about suitable places in NB? We need access to water and space where we can be wet.

    2. Well, I like the idea of the Mahone Bay Centre, especially in the summer. I could research NB a bit more. There may be a church in Riverview available that has a decent kitchen with sinks and counters - and also a community centre in Riverview that is equipped as well. If I had specific requirements and a rough idea of time of year, I could certainly look into it. I think she would draw quite a few from the extended Maritime area.