Thursday, February 12, 2015

New sweater

I finished a new-to-me sweater weekend before last. It is Lila and I knit it from Fibre Company Canopy worsted. I started a different design but ripped it out after an hour of knitting. Nothing about the process was making me happy. I went back to my favourites on Ravelry and chose Lila. I am so glad I did. I plan to remake the design several more times.

The yarn I wanted to use was knit at a larger gauge than the pattern called for so I did a gauge swatch and altered the pattern. In the process I lost a little of the ease I wanted. I also added an inch and a half to the length. The sweater is great but I will make it again with two inches more ease and another inch of length.

The biggest problem with the sweater is the yarn. I love the yarn in the abstract. It is the same type I used (in a fingering version) for the Lace Canopy Cardi Wrap. It is lovely to knit with and wears well. But this batch had serious dye problems. It is shown as all from the same dye lot but if that's the case, the quality control in the vat was very bad. I bought it on sale at WEBS so maybe that's why it was inexpensive.

You may be able to see in the picture that the first skein at the bottom was variegated and that subsequent skeins were solid colors but very different from one another. I realized this early on but decided to keep knitting because this is meant to be a slob-around-the-house sweater and I wouldn't care. If it turns out that I do, I'll just overdye it. (BTW, the front is meant to be shorter than the back. It is very attractive when worn.)

I wore the sweater for the first time today and it wonderful - very warm and the sleeves come down over the backs of my hands. I will definitely be knitting another very soon.

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