Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow day, slow day

George shoveled. I blamed chillblains for my non-participation. In truth, I think my responsibility for menu planning and cooking absolves me from responsibility for snow clearing.

I have figured out a way to add text to the Ivory Tower piece. It's funny. The idea of that piece was generated by something we did at FAB in November. It triggered some thoughts that resulted in the overall concept and that concept was conducive to the addition of quotes. But the farther along I got in the development of the ideas the more control I wanted over the appearance and placement of the text. I realized that I couldn't rely on the method I saw because I ran the risk of blobs of paint or obscured sections. Also, I wanted the text to look like it was typewritten, not handwritten.

Today I figured out that I can print the text on silk organza and then adhere it to the surface of the piece with matte acrylic medium. The letters pop and the organza becomes effectively transparent. It will be mounted on gallery stretchers so the surface won't be subjected to folding or rolling. That will enhance the chances that the organza will stay put. But if it loosens it will just need a touch-up with medium.

Our homework this week in the Jane Dunnewold class has many parts but one of them is to create a piece from what we have. She mentioned using UFOs as the source of the 'parts'. That resonated with me. The top shelf in my closet is neatly stacked with samples and rejected (by me) work. The last piece went up there in early January. I was happy to choose something and then to pull fabrics from a couple of storage bags. My goal is to use only those things (along with paint and thread) to create a pleasing composition. It is all colourful stuff so that meets another of my goals and needs.

Time = 1 hr, 42 min

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