Saturday, February 14, 2015

Letting go

It has been a productive but sad week. I have let go of some activities that mattered to me in order to ensure that I will have the best chance to focus on my goals for this year. The most important loss was saying goodbye to my friends in FAB. When the group began two and a half years ago I only knew a couple of members. Everyone else was new to me. Now I am pleased to call all of them my friends and  have looked forward to seeing them monthly. 

We have inevitably shared more than just our fibre art. Families have grown larger (grandchildren!), and members and those close to them have coped with illness. Yet everyone stayed with the group and brought evidence of their productivity to each meeting. 

I appreciate the fact that the other members of FAB embraced what I brought to the table. It was a joy to speak freely without editing my thoughts. In fact, it was discussions at FAB that led me to insights which will persist in the work I do over the next few years. It is also because of FAB that I now own a heat gun and my very own glue gun. The techniques that require those tools will also find their way into my artwork.

I am consoled by the fact that when (not if!) we move to Wolfville I will be able to call three FAB members my neighbours. In the meantime, I will make a point of reaching out to them so that we don't lose touch.

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