Friday, February 13, 2015

Food and fabric

Today's dinner included butternut squash soup (onions, carrots, squash, apples and sage) and red cabbage (cabbage, apples, golden plum jelly). All of the ingredients came from our CSA TapRoot Farms. We also had leftover macaroni and cheese (made with delicious jalapeƱo mustard from Eastport, ME). There are leftovers and we will have them tomorrow with Taproot pork. If you haven't had non-factory farmed pork, do yourself a favour and find some. It is incredibly tender and flavourful. Since joining the CSA I have even been converted to ribs (which we can buy as an add-on to our order). It goes without saying that the home-grown bacon is spectacular.

The latest finished UFO is still blocking and I am scheming about a new project while I finish a scarf. I mixed up everything I need to dye fabric for my two pieces for the Structures show. I like to let the mixed dye sit for a day when I am using red. It seems to help eliminate little spots of undissolved dye.

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