Saturday, August 2, 2014

August fun, chapter one

In advance of my surgery in September I am planning to have lots of fun in August. Today four of us went for a bike ride. It was just 67 km - not a stretch but it's not about beating myself up. It is about fun. And fun we had. I mapped a route that took us to a part of the province in which we haven't yet ridden. Here's our route - we rode clockwise from the bottom right corner.

And here's the elevation profile, which looks scarier than it was. In all we only climbed 629 m.

It was overcast and the temperature was in the low 20s.

It is nice to ride with a small group with whom you have spent lots of time. There is a good rhythm and everyone understands what the others want to get out of the day. And we all understand when it isn't appropriate to be chipper and happy - that kind of attitude is misty not welcome on hills.

As you can see from the map, the route ran along the coast of Cobequid Bay. The bay is actually the most inland portion of the Bay of Fundy. For that reason it experiences very high tides and there are several local businesses which allow people to raft on the tidal bore. As a consequence it wasn't your typical ride along the ocean. The tide was out so there were ugly mudflats where there should have been glistening water. Where there was water it was silt-filled and as brown as the mudflats. But it didn't matter. It is enough to see new scenery and for me it helps if everything is green and there is corn and cows. We checked all of those boxes today.

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