Saturday, August 23, 2014


I had no need for speed so I rode at the back of the group and watched the women in front of me. Until I began to participate in organized physical activity I didn't have friendships like these. They are not an accident or a by product of simple acquaintance. We chose an activity and then we chose one another. I 'know' them better than I know friends I have made in other ways. We don't need to speak to know what the others are thinking and feeling. While I ride I see joy in them, I see fatigue, I see doubt and worry and confidence and fear.

Today was tough and eventful but it was also the sort of day that brings us together. We all understand the feeling that comes with smooth pedal strokes that move you through a beautiful place and also what it feels like to hurt and to think the ride will never end. At those times we can help our friends and they, in turn, can help us.

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